Keeping Kids Busy on Rainy Days

Rainy days during your annual holiday may seem like the biggest misfortune (short of a bad haircut), but it can be fun. You just need to make the most of it.

Apart from taking the kids to indoor play arenas, shopping malls or museums, there are a lot of fun activities that can take place in the comfort of your own holiday unit. Some of these require some planning, so make sure to prepare for these days when packing for your holiday. Here are some tips:

Have an indoor treasure hunt

You can plan for this and write out some clues or you can guide them through the treasure hunt verbally. Give them some clues; if they can solve them, they move onto the next clue until, finally, they get to the treasure. This can be a reward card that says "You won a milkshake at your favourite restaurant!" or hide a chocolate or DVD for them to enjoy.

Board games

Pack your family's favourite and put some rewards in place. For example, the winner gets a chocolate, the first person to go down a snake/up a ladder gets two marshmallows, the first person to build a hotel in Monopoly gets an extra scoop of ice cream etc.

Get into the kitchen

Get some ingredients for no-bake treats like Burfee, Rice Krispies Squares or s'mores. Have the kids help you make it. Alternatively, pack out some pizza topping ingredients and have them build their own pizzas.

Have a dance competition

Put on some music and have a dance competition. This is a great way to get little bodies active (and burn a few calories yourself!). Put on their favourite music and have fun!

Build a fort

Some of my favourite childhood memories are of my brother and I building blanket forts during the holidays. Give them some blankets and pillows and get creative. Let them sleep in it that night as an added reward.

Family movie day

Pack some family favourite movies and spend the day under the blankets watching them.

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