Staying healthy on holiday

Ever get back from holiday and feel guilty when you get onto the scale? Most of us have been there. However, holidays can be a time of being active (whilst having fun!) and enjoying healthy, fresh food. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy and active on your next holiday.

Healthy Holiday Tip #1: Pack your own snacks

If you're spending a day out and about going to malls or to the beach, carry a few healthy snacks in your bag to keep hunger pangs at bay. A bag of trail mix, granola bars or lean biltong is a perfect way to keep you fuelled, full and away from the pizza.

Healthy Holiday Tip #2: Self-catering means better meals

Self-catering holidays are great because you can still eat the same quality meals you would at home (not even mentioning the amount of money you’ll save on restaurant bills!). If you don’t like cooking whilst on holiday, precook some easy to freeze meals at home and take them to your destination.

Healthy Holiday Tip #3: Stay clear of sugary beverages

Opt for juice instead of soda and opt for low calorie spritzers instead of cocktails. Drink enough water (carry a bottle with you) – especially if you have busy day ahead of you.

Healthy Holiday Tip #4: Have fun taking in your new environment

Go for a hike, cycle a new route, go for a swim, play some table tennis or go for long walks in the area. There are many fun ways to keep active and burn those pesky calories at the same time.

Healthy Holiday Tip #5: Make good restaurant choices

When eating out, opt for high protein, low carb meals and replace your chips with a salad. Share your dessert with someone at the table and go for a nice, leisurely walk after your meal.

Healthy Holiday Tip #6: Relax your mind

Mental health and relaxation is a very important aspect of any holiday. It's clinically proven that high levels of stress lead to overeating and fatigue. Don't attend to work emails during your holiday, switch off your cell phone if you have to and take some time to meditate and be grateful for what you have.

How do you keep up your fitness routine whilst on holiday? How do you prevent those extra kilos piling up?

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